Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Draft Report of Federal Interagency Workgroup on MCS


The draft Report on MCS by Federal Interagency Workgroup on MCS was released
for public comment from August 30 until 30 October 1998

In response to complaints from the MCS community, the comment period for the draft report was extended until Dec 15, 1998 and the report itself was made available on-line and for electronic comment via the home page of the federal Environmental Health Policy Committee Home Page:

The draft report is still available on-line,
but since it was never completed and most likely never will be,
it is important to remind people that it does NOT represent the policy of any agency.

o MCS R&R Press Release on the Draft Report

o Problems with Distribution of the Report

o More Problems with Federal Interagency Report on MCS

o Federal Agencies' Data on MCS Withheld from Draft MCS Report

o Examples of Government Recognition of MCS Not Disclosed in Draft Report

Public Comments of Others Posted with Permission:

Irene Wilkenfeld, Safe Schools

Sharon Wachsler       Janine Melrose

Dr. Ann McCampbell, chair of the MCS Task Force of New Mexico 

Amy Marsh, President, Environmental Health Network 

o American Public Health Association Adopts Resolution Calling for Full Disclosure



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