Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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National Support Groups              

o Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical Injury Information Network

Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

Global Recognition Campaign for MCS

Healthy Housing Coalition

Human Ecology Action League


MCS Health and Environment

MCS Survivors

(German) Chemical Sensitivity Network

Share, Care, and Prayer

Support Network for the Aldehyde and Solvent Affected

Local and Regional MCS Support Groups

o Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

(UK) CO Awareness

(UK) Carbon Monoxide Kills

(USA) CO Headquarters

(UK) Patient Plus CO Poisoning

o Gulf War Syndrome

American Gulf War Veterans Association

National Gulf War Resource Center

o Fibromyalgia

American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association

Fibromyalgia Network

o Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFIDS Association of America

The National CFIDS Foundation

Medical Associations with MCS and Carbon Monoxide Experience     

American Academy of Environmental Medicine (offers online list of physicians searchable by state)

Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics  (offers online list of clinics searchable by state)

International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology  (offers online list of mercury-free dentists)

     For referrals to physicians with MCS experience who do not belong to these associations
          call MCS Referral & Resources at 410-889-6666

       Or check out the state-by-state listing compiled by Environmental Illness Resource

Government Agencies with Info on MCS and/or Carbon Monoxide

1994 Consensus Opinion on MCS by US EPA, US CPSC, American Medical Assocation and American Lung Association

Medline Plus from US National Library of Medicine (use this link for information on medical topics, terms, drugs)

PubMed from US National Library of Medicine (use this link to search for medical journal articles)

US CDC (search for "multiple chemical sensitivity" or "carbon monoxide" to find hundreds of references)

US Environmental Protection Agency
(search for "multiple chemical sensitivity" or "carbon monoxide" to find hundreds of references)

Dozens of other US Government Agencies fwith Medical Info (from the Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Assoc)

UK Letter from Chief Medical Officer on CO, The Forgotten Killer
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Last Modified: 10/23/06