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Oxygen Concentrators Suitable for Home Use      
THE treatment for MUSES Syndrome !

Carbon Monoxide and Multigas Detectors for Breath Analysis

Carbon Monoxide Monitors for Home Use

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Oxygen Concentrators Suitable for Home Use

    MCS R&R recommends older refurbished concentrators because the plastic casing of new ones releases gases (off-gasing) which bother people with MCS or  MUSES syndrome.  We sell older Healthdyne BX5000 units that we have had remanufactured and whose oxygen generating capacity we guarantee for one year to be over 90%.  
    This model (about the size of a 2-drawer file cabinet) can produce a maximum of 93% oxygen at up to 6 liters per minute (more at lower flow rates). The prescription of a physician is required for this item.    
   ___ $490 with 1 year warranty, plus $40 shipping and handling (80 pounds but it rolls easily on 4 caster wheels)

Carbon Monoxide and Multigas Detectors for Breath Analysis


    MCS R&R recommends that physicians routinely screen all their patients for CO poisoning using the fast and non-invasive method of measuring CO in exhaled breath.  This FDA approved test takes less than 2 minutes, and there is even a CPT code for it to facilitate insurance payment.  
    Normal healthy people have breath CO in the range of 0-2ppm.  People with various chronic diseases including asthma, diabetes and heart disease exhaled 5-10ppm from endogenous CO production, while smokers and people recently exposed to high levels of CO from exogenous sources may exhale 50 to over 500ppm.
    CO detectors made specifically for breath analysis are available for companies like Vitalographand MicroDirect for $500 to $1000, but many smaller less expensive detectors designed to monitor CO in air
with the same type of electrochemical sensor work even better!  
    We recommend and sell the Fluke 220, which has a digital backlit display from 0-999ppm, can store and recall the last peak level, and has a warning beep that  triggers with increasing frequency as CO level rises.   Includes simple protocols by Donnay on how to test for CO in breath, air and appliances.  
    ___ $269 with 3 year warranty, plus $10 shipping and handling.  Includes 2 AA batteries  (Note manufacturer's SRP price is $299)

 \\\ NEW in 2006 ///  

     MCS R&R also recommends that physicians test their patients' ability to absorb oxygen non-invasively.  This can be done by measuring the concentration of oxygen in their exhaled breath.  The lower the concentration, the more they have absorbed.  While we all inhale 20.9% oxygen, people with impaired oxygen uptake exhale 17 or 19%, compared with healthy people who exhale only 14 or 15%.
     MCS R&R has worked with Biosystems to customize one of its industrial multi-gas detectors, the MultiPro, so that it can measure not only oxygen, but also CO and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at the levels found in exhaled breath.   H2S, like CO, is made by our bodies (mostly in our digestive tract!) and acts, like CO, as a neurotransmitter.  Researchers are just beginning to study the role it plays in digestive function as well as the brain and our senses.  
    The MultiPro Breath Gas Analyzer is even smaller than the Fluke 200 CO tester, about the size of a fat cell phone, and weighs just 4 ounces.   
Includes simple protocols by Donnay on how to test for O2, H2S and CO in breath, and CO in appliances.  
    ____ $495 with 2  year warranty on detector and replaceable sensors,  plus $30 shipping and handling.  Includes 3 AA batteries.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors for Home Use

    MCS R&R used to distribute the IST-AIM 935 digital CO Monitor designed by Albert Donnay, which was the first and only CO detector that displayed from 5 parts per million (ppm) and provided instantaneous warnings above the US EPA limits of 9 and 35ppm.
In comparison, regular UL-approved home CO Alarms do not display CO levels under 30ppm and do not alarm until CO levels have been over 70ppm for one to four hours.    These units are inexpensive and can save your life, even though they will not protect your health, so we urge you to put at least one in your home !!!
    Unfortunately it is no longer in production, but two other portable CO detectors that can display below 30ppm (one from 0ppm and the other from 10ppm) are available for approximately $130 each from .    We are still  trying to find a manufacturer willing to  make a low level CO detector to our specifications that can be sold for under $50.  (The CO sensor inside costs less than $10 !)


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